Artworks on View (and For Sale!)

The following works are on view (and available for purchase. unless noted otherwise) at Scattoloni Bakery (formerly known as Foley’s) in downtown Portland, Maine, through April 30th*:

  • “Composition #1” 2017

  • “Composition #21” 2017

  • “Composition #2” 2017

  • “Cascade” 2018

  • “Composition #15” 2017-18

  • “The Beat” 2018

  • “Composition #30” 2017

  • “Stereo Blast” 2017 (NFS)

  • “Dive” 2017

  • “Muse” 2019

  • “Sea Soul” 2019 (NFS)

  • “Tea Time” 2012

  • “Vortex” 2018

  • “Flow” 2018

  • “Waves” 2017

Please go see the pieces in person. You really get a better sense of the metallics, iridescence, glitter, shimmer, and shine that pictures just can’t do justice. There are 15 pieces on view at the bakery, and 13/15 are for sale. They’ll process the sale right there are the bakery counter. A price list is featured on the wall, and business cards are available. The bakery has WONDERFUL, delicious pastries both savory and sweet, and also vegan. Check it all out and enjoy!

*I will have art work at the bakery through at least the end of April. Artworks that are sold will be replaced with a new piece. So, there is a possibility to see more art!

Flow Painting & Resin - Top of Desk

I needed a new desk, so in January I went to Target and picked out something that better suited my needs. I wanted to freshen it up and get creative with the top of the desk.

I painted the body of the desk white, and decided to do a flow painting over the top using acrylic and oil paint, followed by clear resin.




Photo credit: potato.

Photo credit: potato.

Some assembly required.


I'm extremely pleased with the results. It’s just the right vibe I wanted for this desk/space: something light, gentle, and inspiring.

"Connected" 2017 (Painting for Auction, 20% to Charity!)

In the past month or so, Willamina T. Mosenfelder and I have started collaborating on some pieces. For our first collaborative piece, we used a 16" x 20" pre-stretched canvas (stapled on back) and acrylic paints, finishing with a high gloss varnish. We each take our turns with the art piece, deciding on our own what to add, what the next step will be. We communicate very little about the piece to each other as to allow our own intuitions guide us on what we would like to do. We went back and forth working on the piece for a few weeks. Then, gave ourselves a deadline. And here we are! This painting is signed by both of us on the back of the work.

"Connected" (2017) can be seen below:

"Connected" 2017

"Connected" 2017

We're very excited about how this piece came out!

This work is available for auction! Please follow [this eBay link] to go to the auction page and make your bid. The starting bid is $150 (not including shipping), and will go on for 10 days.

Here's the important bit: 20% of the final sale price will go to the Natural Resources Defense Council! Here is a description about them from their page:

NRDC works to safeguard the earth—its people, its plants and animals, and the natural systems on which all life depends.

We combine the power of more than two million members and online activists with the expertise of some 500 scientists, lawyers, and policy advocates across the globe to ensure the rights of all people to the air, the water, and the wild.

Please consider making a bid on this work to help support the NRDC, and own an awesome piece of art! Thank you very much!

Update: NTS

I've been continuing to work on the Not to Scale piece. I'm going to be switching out some equipment, once I find some things, for ones that better fit the idea. I'm also going to be going from rough draft to final draft on the wall and booklet components. Additionally, this weekend, Gus and I will be painting my studio off-white, because right now it's an awful shade of blue (which was the way it was when I moved in). Once I've got most of the pieces put together and assembled, I'll be able to share some pictures of the various components. The group show for our program opens in July, and this piece will be there, so stay tuned for more information as the date gets closer!

WIP: "Not to Scale" (2014)

"Not to Scale" (2014) Video Game Screenshot (Opening Scene)

I present to you... CURRENT PROJECTS! You'll find a new link at the top of the page which takes you to the projects (the big stuff anyways) that I'm working on right now. There will still be lots of content posted on the blog, of course, like periodical updates, sketches, etc. Check out my project: "Not to Scale"