Artworks on View (and For Sale!)

The following works are on view (and available for purchase. unless noted otherwise) at Scattoloni Bakery (formerly known as Foley’s) in downtown Portland, Maine, through April 30th*:

  • “Composition #1” 2017

  • “Composition #21” 2017

  • “Composition #2” 2017

  • “Cascade” 2018

  • “Composition #15” 2017-18

  • “The Beat” 2018

  • “Composition #30” 2017

  • “Stereo Blast” 2017 (NFS)

  • “Dive” 2017

  • “Muse” 2019

  • “Sea Soul” 2019 (NFS)

  • “Tea Time” 2012

  • “Vortex” 2018

  • “Flow” 2018

  • “Waves” 2017

Please go see the pieces in person. You really get a better sense of the metallics, iridescence, glitter, shimmer, and shine that pictures just can’t do justice. There are 15 pieces on view at the bakery, and 13/15 are for sale. They’ll process the sale right there are the bakery counter. A price list is featured on the wall, and business cards are available. The bakery has WONDERFUL, delicious pastries both savory and sweet, and also vegan. Check it all out and enjoy!

*I will have art work at the bakery through at least the end of April. Artworks that are sold will be replaced with a new piece. So, there is a possibility to see more art!