Update: NTS

I've been continuing to work on the Not to Scale piece. I'm going to be switching out some equipment, once I find some things, for ones that better fit the idea. I'm also going to be going from rough draft to final draft on the wall and booklet components. Additionally, this weekend, Gus and I will be painting my studio off-white, because right now it's an awful shade of blue (which was the way it was when I moved in). Once I've got most of the pieces put together and assembled, I'll be able to share some pictures of the various components. The group show for our program opens in July, and this piece will be there, so stay tuned for more information as the date gets closer!

Sketches: War of the Shoes

The sneakers stomped and then heels clicked and clacked. They were separated a short distance, on the hardwood floor, the rug as the barrier. The heels, then the sneakers again, and back to the heels. The slippers scurried behind the heels, pretending not to be seen, while the flip-flops ran through the middle, not concerned in the slightest about the volume of their steps. The sneakers responded roughly, the heels sassy but sweet, and the slippers just hid in the corner. The sneakers stepped closer, their laces tightening, the heels stepped even closer. When they were not an inch apart, suddenly they turned to the door as they heard them coming: the steel-toed boots had arrived. PROMPT: My fiancé gave me a writing prompt, which simply said: “the war of the shoes.”