Gage Academy of Art - Drawing Jam 2012

Yesterday, Olivia and I went to the Gage Academy of Art - Drawing Jam 2012. It was a lot of fun! It felt like an art-making festival. We got those pseudo-paper bracelets for "tickets." They had loads of supplies available for people to use, free of charge. There was music happening in the rooms and around the building. We checked out the different studios, i.e. sculpture with clay, painting, drawing, etc. We joined in on a couple of drawing sessions. I really enjoyed it. The first model was wearing a medieval costume, and the second was in a very colorful outfit with fake dreadlocks. Later at the event, I enjoyed a piece of chocolate cake, and Olivia ate lots of Goldfish Snacks. Here are some photos of my adventure at the Drawing Jam:

My Drawing of the Medieval Model

My Drawing of the Colorful Model (Sketch)

My Drawing of the Colorful Model (With Color)

Olivia's Drawing of the Colorful Model

Fish in the Mouth of the Skeleton

Sakky Art

So, my online friend showed me this website:  Sakky draws and crafts all sorts of different things, apparently.  I watched her today draw the human version of Queen Beryl from the Sailor Moon anime series.  I'm a huge fan of Sailor Moon, and of drawing, so it was really fun to watch her.  It also inspired me a bit to get back into my drawings.  I never seem to find the time; but I love it, and feel the need to improve.  Also, it makes me want to buy the highest-quantity package of Prismacolor markers.  It's on the wish list. is her DeviantArt account which also has her commission policy.  Enjoy!