Creative Commons and Jamendo

I've found through the Creative Commons a fantastic music website called Jamendo.  This website is great, because if you're into free and partial copyright works, this place has loads of it.  I personally love using it to discover artists I may not normally see otherwise.  The mainstream music industry can get caught up in the capitalistic frenzy it's created for itself.  But, there are still artists out there who really focus on their music and their audience.  In fact, musicians don't make much of anything off of the CDs sold in stores.  That's all producer and music industry revenue!  The money the artist makes is through their concert tickets, merchandise sold at those events, or donations. I believe the Creative Commons to be a wonderful entity, because it allows for partial copyrights to your work.  Many go to jail for the use or distribution of something copyrighted without permission.  This world is about sharing ideas, not keeping them to ourselves.  There is no progress in that.  If we share our work and let others freely borrow and transform them, we are expanding and making deeper those ideas, furthering creativity and thought.  The Creative Commons allows for a variety of free licenses for one's work so that you can give the world what is yours on your terms.  You can reserve all rights to the work, or perhaps one option would allow it to be used for commercial use, etc.  The Creative Commons must grow.  Jamendo is also a wonderful resource for music.  I encourage everyone to check out these websites.