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Work on View / For Sale - Featured at Scattoloni Bakery!
to Apr 30

Work on View / For Sale - Featured at Scattoloni Bakery!

Top row: “Composition #1” - “Composition #21” - Composition #2” Bottom row: “Cascade” - “Composition #15” Acrylic paintings on canvas, finished with clear resin.

Top row: “Composition #1” - “Composition #21” - Composition #2”
Bottom row: “Cascade” - “Composition #15”
Acrylic paintings on canvas, finished with clear resin.

I have several pieces on view (and for sale) on the walls of Scattoloni Bakery, 1 Monument Square, Portland, Maine. Please go see the pieces in person. You really get a better sense of the metallics, iridescence, glitter, shimmer, and shine that pictures just can’t do justice. There are 15 pieces on view at the bakery, and 13/15 are for sale. They’ll process the sale right there are the bakery counter. A price list is featured on the wall, and business cards are available. The bakery has WONDERFUL, delicious pastries both savory and sweet, and also vegan. Check it all out and enjoy!

Scattoloni Bakery Facebook Page:
Scattoloni Bakery Website:

This exhibition will be going on through at least the end of April.

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"Battle of the Masters" Group Show
6:00 PM18:00

"Battle of the Masters" Group Show

One night only!

An independent group show featuring special works by participants and graduates of the SVA MFA Fine Arts and SVA MFA Art Practice programs.

Featuring Kristen Bisson, Hovey Brock, Donna Troy Cleary, Simone Couto, Alexandra Hammond, Bryan Anthony Moore, Qinmin Liu, Anthony Donatelle, Art Vidrine, Susan Sechler Luss, Nadine Faraj, and Eli Barak.

Location: Open Gallery Space, 355A Bowery, NY, 10003

Facebook RSVP:


Announcing “Battle of the Masters” a pop-up group show that pits the best of the School of Visual Arts MFA in Art Practice against the best of SVA’s MFA in Fine Arts in an epic showdown.

In the Art Practice corner, Kristen Bisson duels with notions of home, belonging, and memory with keen esthetic moves. Poetry, bones, flesh, wood, clay, water, and steam collide in Simone Couto’s multidisciplinary meditations on the fundamental forces of nature. Alex Hammond’s architectonic installation aims squarely at the soft solar plexus of childhood’s innocence. Qinmin Liu skewers the logic of binary computer code in a live virtuosic performance of slashing brushwork—stand back. Bryan Moore’s ironic rope-a-dope with the images of American exceptionalism bring it crashing to the floor under the weight of its own contradictions. Hovey Brock channels the spirits of the Pre-Socratics in a display of possessed painterly frenzy.
In the Fine Arts corner, Art Vidrine takes music as his weapon of choice to rip away the hidden conventions of political theater. Donna Cleary snares domestic detritus with nets of fibers and new contexts, creating hybrids that bring the marginal and denigrated to life. Nadine Faraj thrashes the trivialization of sexual connection with images that conjure living touch. Anthony Donatelle obliterates the gaps between unlikely objects with devastatingly subtle technique. Eli Barak fuses performance, installation, sculpture, and image into a fearsome engine of social critique. Susan Luss weaves found objects, drawings, photography, and light into a dizzying assault on the senses.
Let the Battle begin!
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7:30 PM19:30


One night only!

In her MFA thesis show, HERE AND THERE / NOW AND THEN, Kristen Bisson excavates and unpacks of her relationship with home and place, and in particular, tracing and investigating loss as it relates to moving and separation. With these works, she takes a deep look at absence and presence, her relationship with her Dad, and memory, and how they have impacted her definitions, beliefs and relationships with those ideas of place, home and loss.

Refreshments will be available to enjoy during the show.

RSVP on Facebook Here: 

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to Jun 25


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I'm in a group show this month!


Located at CTN in Portland, Maine.
Open during CTN's regular business hours.
Curated by Reesa Wood.

Show continues to the end of the month.

Be Beautiful (2012)

Three 11" x 17" 2D Digital Prints
(Titled LTR: "I Can Hear You," "Nothing to See Here," "Still Life with Flowers in Red")

Reesa Wood:

RAZE/BULLDOZE rejects traditional hierarchies between high and low art in the tradition of DIY punk culture and artist collectives such as the Hairy Who, Guerilla Girls, Forcefield, and many, many more.
RAZE/BULLDOZE features representational art that may or may not be sequential in nature. It is a gathering of diverse works by artists that may or may not be recognized by mainstream art institutions. It is a celebration of drawing as a medium for self-expression, fantasy, and political commentary.
This exhibition is intended to carry on the conversation about the role of art in a capitalist society.
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"(Not) Here, (Not) Now" Screening
6:30 PM18:30

"(Not) Here, (Not) Now" Screening

MFA Art Practice Summer Screening at Videology this Friday, July 25, 2014 at 6:30pm!

Participants: Callie Barker, Kristen Bisson, Hovey Brock, Amy Dolan, Alexandra Hammond, Brandi Martin, Bryan Anthony Moore, Sam Nichols, JD Raenbeau, Lou Woods, Pippi Zornoza

Featured Faculty: Sarah G. Sharp, Mark Tribe

Curator: Allison Hewitt Ward

Thumbnail Image: Screen capture from "and/EiTHER" (2013), Kristen Bisson


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"Already Broken: The Personal That Is Not Ours" Group Show
to Aug 6

"Already Broken: The Personal That Is Not Ours" Group Show

SVA MFA Art Practice (Class of 2015) Group Exhibition

Where: SVA Chelsea Gallery, 601 W 26th Street, NYC

When: July 10 - August 6, 2014

Opening Reception: July 10 from 6pm-8pm

Gallery Info:

My piece "Not to Scale" will be playable/viewable!

I would love to see you there. Thanks!

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"The Living Exhibition" Group Show - Opening Reception
8:00 PM20:00

"The Living Exhibition" Group Show - Opening Reception

Group Exhibition: Kristen Bisson, Danielle Lange, David Aronson, Katie Lewis, Jared Friedman, David Arms. Please join us for the Opening Reception on January 6, 2014 from 8:00pm to 11:00pm! The exhibition will run from January 6th to the 9th. Visit The Living Gallery for more information, including gallery hours and contact.

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